Tortilla Line


Flour Tortilla System 6-10” Tortillas @ 1800 + DZ/HR.
Lawrence Double Drop Legend 36 Automatic Installed in 2005.
9 Pocket WP Divider/Rounder, Model TWS-9 HD 48MM.
Lawrence Stainless Steel Double Drop Overhead Proofer, 3,375 Active Trays. Dual Lawrence Automatic Loaders.
Dual Lawrence Flour Tortilla Ovens.
Dual Lawrence Cooling Conveyors, Model 36-25-9 with Double End Drive, Gooseneck Turnaround and Lowboy Horizontal Orientation.
Dual Lawrence 38-40 Counter Stacker.
4 Rows up to 6.5”, 3 Rows up to 10.5” Product.

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