Proofer Enclosure 4" Foam Filled, Roof and Walls Reinforced w/ Aluminum I Beams.
Cam Lock Design.
Recommended 4" Curve Slope to Center Drain.
Pfening Style Air Make Up System.
Radiators are Installed in the Roof and Removed and Serviced from the Roof.
Air Sytems Pull from Each Eorner of the Ceiling and Drop to a Center Cone from where Air is Evenly Distributed Throughout.
Dual Drive Chain. 1 HP Motor and SEW Gearbox.
Will Hold Temperature to 1 Degree and 1% Humidity.
Option for all Electric Proofer.
Magnets, Center Guided and Magnetized.
All Grids are 3/8" Vs. 1/4".
Every Other Tier has Inspection Port for Chain/Grid Service.

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