Magnets, Center Guided and Magnetized.
All Grids are 3/8" Vs. 1/4".
Every Other Tier has Inspection Port for Chain/Grid Service.
Limited Field Assembly.
Double Block and Bleed. Will satisfy all Fire Regulations.
Solid State Ignition.
PLC Controlled Top and Bottom Air Flow on Product.
(1) Exhaust and (1) Combustion Blower.
Heat Ramps Up or Down Depending on Product Flow.
Fiber Optic Lighting.
Oven Wall Thickness 7" Fiberglass. Stainless Steel Skin.
Ceiling Thickness 9" Fiberglass Aluminized Steel Reinforced. Diamond Plate Surface.
Floor 4" Fiberglass reinforced with I Beam. Aluminized Steel.
Dual Drive System. 1 HP Motor and SEW Gearbox. (2) per 750 Feet.
Chain Take Up is External Two Track with Pneumatic Piston for Ease of Service.
Wall Venitilation System Design to Draw Air from the Base to the Top of the Enclosure.
Option for LP Gas.
Controls Humidity Inside of the Oven by Controlling the Exhaust Damper once Oven is Up to Temp and Cruising Caddilac Mode.

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