Corn Tortilla Line


(3) Lines Available.

Casa Herreira: (Variable press speed)
Running 27cm at 2640 per hour (4 Pattern)
Running 22cm at 3120 per hour (4 Pattern)
Running 10cm at 9360 per hour (12 Pattern)
(Quoted up to 12 960 per hour manual loading)

Briceno: (Fixed press speed)
Running 27cm at 1140 per hour (Single loading)
Running 19cm at 2280 per hour (Double loading)

Lawrence (Variable press speed)
Running 22cm to 25cm at 660 per hour (Quoted rate of 960 per hour)

BE&SCO (Horizontal press) (Fixed press speed)
Running 720 per hour

BE&SCO (Vertical press) (Both units) (Variable press speed)
Running 1320 per hour

Rondo Doge (Sheeting & cutting) (Variable speed)
27cm at 6532 per hour
25cm at 7941 per hour
22cm at 8473 per hour
19cm at 14 674 per hour

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