Complete Bun Operation

Equipment Available

(3) 110,000 Flour Tanks, Rotary Flour Sifter, 1400 Day Mixer, Weigh Hopper and Trip Beam,
1000 Day Mixer, Weigh Hopper and Trip Beam, Day Mixer for Sponge, Chilled Water Unit,
(12) Sponge Tros, Eagle Cummings Divider and Panomat, Lot of Accessories, (75) Tree Racks,
7 Door Proofer, Burford Seeder Sprayer, Splitter, 23 Tray 970 Oven DGF 11’4”x32” Trays,
Loader and Unloader, Baker Perkins Depanner, Stewart Racetrack Cooler, Alto Pan Stacker,
(2) Metal Detectors, Product Switch, UBE 1216 AL Bagger w/ Slicing and Burford Servo Tier,
Lot Assorted Spare Parts, Lot Plastic Baskets, Fork Lift LPG, Electric Pallet Jack w/ Charger,
300 KVA Diesel Generator, Lot Bun Pans.


Eagle Cummings Video #1
Eagle Cummings Video #2
UBE 1216 Autoload Video
Stewart Cooler Video

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